Singer Waje notifies the public about her wish to kick the bucket after she made peace with the lord.

Singer Waje has notified members of the public about her wish to kick the bucket now that she’s made peace with the Lord before she ends up corrupted again by the world’s people,thus having her name erased from the book of life.The singer took to social media to speak of how awesome it is to be in sync with the Lord. According to her,there is nothing in the world that can compare to the joy which comes in the presence of the Lord.

Having enjoyed God’s presence richly, Waje seeks to step up the enjoyment by dying and joining God right over there in the heavenly realm.To this end,she went online to speak of her wish.She wrote; “I trust in you.Thank you for taking away bitterness and anger and regret and replacing it with peace.I am truly looking forward to meeting you, Lord.Strangely I am.”

Many Nigerians have reached out to her to tell her all the possible ways of achieving death.Some have recommended that famous “Lagos Mainland Lagoon” for her.Others came up with 1000 ways to die and implored the singer to get done with the act already,as the world’s people are already on their way to drag her back to her vomit.