The angry taxi driver on funny vibes.

A man boarded a taxi going home one evening but before the taxi took off, he saw his wife entering a Lodge with another man.He quickly asked the taxi driver, "Do you want to make more money amounting to 1,000 in a few minutes?". The taxi man happy answered, "of course Sir,what do I do for you? 

The man said,Here is a photo of my wife, go inside that Lodge get me my stupid wife as you pull her hair here.But few minutes later,the man was surprised to see the taxi driver dragging a different woman out of the lodge kicking and slapping her Terribly while the woman was screaming.

The man shouted at the taxi driver " Noo! Please leave that woman alone ,she's not my wife, have you confused the picture?".
The taxi driver answered, "Relax sir, this one is mine, hold her for me as I go for yours". I no fit laugh shout ooooo