The best way to flirt and dangers associated with it.

Flirting is a behavior as though sexually attracted to someone but playfully rather than serious intention,though it is a kind of silent language spoken by men and women around the world.When it comes to flirtation,there are so many moves and there are people trying to explore them, from green light or face to face eye contact and the direct body language signal.Men and women are engaged in the act of flirtation in the least  to the most unexpected places.Most men and women are exercising their rights to flirt and both sexes are taking notice and responding with their own signature brand of attention getting moves and this made the entire game of flirting changed and thus has become a matter of social survival to know how to flirt,when to flirt and when not to flirt.Here are best powerful way to flirt;

☀How to start flirting:Almost everybody believes that your most attribute point of flirting is the eye and that your success in flirting depend first on the power and the act if your eye appeal.Eye contact is the first art of flirting.Once you look for the person you are in to, you establish eye contact alongside with a smile,the person will smile back at you.If you are a female walking towards,he may turn around and look at you once you have passed him by,that's when you know you have got him.The best approach of getting someone's attention is very simple-send a series of powerful eye signal and if you look long enough,you are bound to get a response but be careful,there is a fine line between staring and being rude.

☀What to do when flirting:The act of flirting is one thing and coming to approach someone is another.Some comment regarding to a woman's body is inappropriate,giving an aggressive message makes one uncomfortable,you can not validate a man who approaches you in that manner otherwise he will think it's okay.If you are looking for a gentle man,you got to be a lady.Take note, if you are too direct with a man,it changes the game.But most men often say they like a woman who is direct but often time they don't normally make that type of woman their women but some women say that men prefer the direct approach.Men need little push to get the ball rolling and this makes you more of a woman to go for what you like.

☀Flirting has the best and worst moments:The best flirtatious line are those that are universal and be equally effective for both men and women and it can be with questions like you look so familiar,do i know you from some were etc.The worst line of flirtation are those that have been said 1000 times and can be more insulting than complimentary.

☀Where to start flirting:Almost any place is a good place to flirt.You can flirt in a place that is reachable.Experts says church is an excellent and best place to flirt.You have to celebrate life and praising God,sing,jump and move your body.The worst and dangerous place to flirt is the office where you work.Flirters must be very innocent and more complimenting than anything else.Any where else is a fair game.

☀Flirting in marriage:Majority of single people engage in flirting game.A fierce debate regarding whether married people should engage or participate in flirting because most people consider flirting in marriage synonymous with cheating.Experts say flirting with other people when you are married is okay because it is healthy living because instead of keeping your sexuality caged up inside where it may be express in a dangerous ways or leading to extra marital affair,it allows you to make someone feel good and it makes you feel good too and thus encourage married people to flirt as long as they keep it a flirting stage.

☀Overcoming the act of rejection in flirting:No matter how good one is in flirting,some how or some where rejection may set in and it is the natural part of flirting and it shouldn't slow you down.The best way to overcome the fear of rejection is to learn from it, ask yourself, what can I do better next time and what kind of person should I go after next time.Experts encourage flirting even after rejection because many people flirt with all the wrong people.Your intentions should and foremost beware of the danger signals that could lead to uncompromising situations.If you are rude or touch someone inappropraitely,then you have gone too far.

☀Try perfection in the act of flirting:We all are humans, as we grow older,we are more aware of one's desire and able to perfect flirting.I think everyone gets better at picking who they are going flirt with,Men gets better at not offending women and women gets better at sending out clue to let men know they are interested.The younger people are a little more aggressive and they are more into physical look of the person and their flirting is base on interest.The older people have a flirtatious manner that is more mature and is based on the quality of the person.Take note flirtation doesn't work well when you are lying.