The important role of a good husband in a home.

You know why marriages don't last? Ever asked yourself  in the olden days,why our mothers and fathers have the best marriages,why their union last even when some of them were not in love before they settled down.You will hear some of our parents say their father married them off at 16 or 18,some were even betrothed to each other from childhood or even before they were born promises were made to give them out to a particular suitor.There was no Facebook, no instagram, and no technology but our parents stayed in their marriages,they understood the role of a man and woman in a home.Fast forward to 2017,marriages are validated on social media,the bitter ones whose marriages and relationships were a huge debacle are corrupting the minds of our young girls in the name of feminism.Is social media technology causes of broken homes? This times of the new age,Our men beat up our women,our women challenge our men.

Too many people with different opinions about life,relationship,marriage and family and everyone is struggling to impose their opinion on others.Is civilization,technology and internet the bane of our society? The first step to being a good husband is to love your wife and have respect for her.A man should be able to know what he wants and what he is getting into before saying I do.Marrige is for matured mind not necessarily the age.As a good husband,you are expected to provide the basic things of life for your family like food,clothing,and shetter at your  own ability.When a man get married,he takes a responsibility of caring for his wife and children for the rest of his life,therefore all rest upon his shoulder,the burden upon his success or failure lies on  his entire family.

A good husband must take into consideration the welfare of his family and will never make harsh decision.He makes a good decision and a seperation between his family and every other things he does outside the family.He is not a baterer to his wife and children.He loves to keep his family affairs very  secretive.He always leads his family affairs with love.He tries as much possible to avoid suspecting his wife unless where it is proven beyond reasonable doubt.He loves his wife,children and both family members.A good husband clings to his family no matter what and leads them with love,unity,trust and patience to endure when it is tough,both in good and bad times.A good husband should not castigates or gossip his wife and children to outsiders and again he must not suppress the good talent and skills the wife may have.Always support your wife in anything she want to do.Always live a by good example and love your family with all your heart.