The thorns of life.

A Lay person will think that life is made to be in ups and down throughout. But life realities have proven these thoughts otherwise.Life is a journey of ups and down,both embedded in a the thing called "cup".Our life is likened to a dining table where each of us is presented with a cup.Each and every one us has a cup in life.The cup where every move and every deed are being weighed on daily basis. Just as each passing draws us closer to our graves each day,draws us closer to the fulling in of our cups in life.

Ever wondered why life seems so easier at the earlier stages of most of our life journey? Some may think it is because our parents or guardians are shielding the thorns of life out on us.But is not really like that.The fact remains that,as we grow by the days,some certain cups in our lives will begin to full by reason of our numerous deeds and thoughts compounded cumulatively over the years, whether they are positives or negatives.

Every thing you and I have ever done in life,behind the plying eyes of the public are being poured in a cup by the universe. The universe is ever fair in its dealings,it is we,the beings,occupying this space of the universe that have complicated matters and misinterpreted things and criticised the ones who seen not understand or flow with.Its high time we stopped fighting the wind.

You wonder why some persons keep doing some certain foolish and illegal things and are getting away with them? All things being equal,that person's cup is not yet full! When their cup is not full,they will keep doing some certain things, thinking they are too smart not to be out smarted.No! People smarter than them have been caught  in that same act of theirs.The fact of it is that these people's own cup is not yet full in that area of their life.

When your cup is not full,you will hardly get caught.One of life mysteries is that no one knows exactly when their cup will be full.You may have clues that your cup is getting filled but you wont know when exactly it will reach the brim.Just like we all are not talented equally in life,likewise also,we all don't have the same sizes of cups in life! That's why some people will get caught early in  the webs of life and some will shine early why some others seem invincible to be caught for the time being or celebrated.The difference there is not in their smartness or juju( as an average African person will believe),but in the sizes of their cups in destiny.

The greatest leader to ever walk on planet earth ones prayed and said "let this cup pass over me".But you see,a cup that is full,is full.Prayer will not change it.The cup didn't pass over him.He has to drink that cup,though not for himself,but for us. Some people are born with silver spoons in life.But no one is born with a silver cup in life.Everyone's cup is neutral.What you get out of it depends on what you put into it.If you fill your cup with good things,thoughts and deeds,you will be pouring out good things anywhere you go.Many people will become better by coming across you in life.If you buy and put dustbins into your cup,you will get dust in return.

This reveals why some people will come into your life or go into a place and good things will start happening  there and while some other people will come into your life or go into a place and unpleasant things will begin to happen there.The difference in the two scenario is not with those people's body but with contents of their cups.When your cup is not full, nobody will know you.But when it is filled up,you will be announced to your world. All these over night success stories are functions of filled cups.Even the Nigerian man trending now in the news is because his cup is full.

Now that our own cup is not yet full,its advisable we start minding our own cup of teas in life.What are we pouring into our cup? Your cup denotes your timing. When your cup is filled,your voice will be heard in your world and in the world.Your cup don't get filled up by reason of your age,it gets filled up by the capacity of what you put into it on daily basis with respect to the size of your cup in destiny.What will the world hear about you when your cup gets filled?

Source:Don Kennedy.