The town called Egbudu Akah in delta state.

Egbudu Akah is one of the towns that consistute the Nsukwa Confederal Union in Aniocha South LGA.It shares boundaries with Ekuku-Agbor,Ejeme, Ashama,Ute Okpu,Adonte and Aba-Unor communities.The oral tradition of Egbudu Akah history traces it to Benin City via two brothers named Akabi and Egbudu who arrived in about 1600 AD(D.Forde, 1950).They quickly established themselves a powerful kingdom and in the process secured a large territory involving wars of expansion.It is important to note that the present Agbor settlement of Ekuku-Agbor was founded on what was originally Egbudu Akah territory.Agbor people who were constantly being harassed by Benin Kingdom ( Egbudu were allies to the Bini people) led to the foundation of Ekuku Agbor by one Uboh,a Chief of Agbor and this was only effective when the power of the Benin Empire began to wane after their defeat by Ubulu Uku in 1750.

It was also within this period Agbor moved large number of settlers( mainly soldiers) to settle on lands originally held by Egbudu-Akah.This led to wars between Agbor and Egbudu Akah.Sadly in one of those wars the Obi of Egbudu was captured and was buried with the Obi of Agbor,a repugnant act.This led to new allies,the Ubulu led by Itie the son of Obi Ogene ( c. 1824- 1835) of Ubulu Uku leading to the defeat and expulsion of Agbor imperialists and restoration of mutual respect between the two kingdoms.However during the reign of Obi Illoh of Egbudu( died in 1911) and Obi Oddin of Agbor( c. 1864-1890),war broke out between Agbor and Egbudu Akah( in about 1885).It was claimed that one Osahon a murderer was protected( and under the custody ) by the Obi of Egbudu Akah, Illoh who refused to surrender him to Agbor.Agbor yet again declared war on Egbudu Akah and they were repulsed in many battles and this was even acknowledged by the Agbor historian , Chief A.E Iduwe.It is claimed that the Egbudu Akah adopted guerrilla tactics and snipers with the support of Ubulu people.

Eventually,Osahon was captured and forced to commit suicide. Agbor sources claimed that Obi Illoh was captured too which is not the version in Egbudu Akah. Agbor had claimed that Illoh “became a leper”and as such could not used to bury Oddin who died in 1890.This could mean that the war was inconclusive on both sides.Beyond this long history of wars and rivalry with Agbor,Egbudu Akah is a remarkable kingdom.Its very large in land area.There are three villages namely Idumueze-Egbudu,Olene and Ogbeakwu. Many satellite villages make up Egbudu Akah clan namely Aniefume,Animenudo, Obi-Olise,Aniogwu,Obi-Okonkwo,Obi-Enukegwu and Obi-Umutu.One of the rivers of the town is called the Akeshie.

Egbudu Akah has a long list of kings:

☀Okolie( coronated in 1946- 2016).

Obi Okolie installed on the 12th of February 1946 was the longest reigning monarch in the World before his death.  He had been on the throne for 68 years. He was over 100 years old still very strong before his death. All Obis of Egbudu Akah are greeted “Olo Omee” which is the general title in the Nsukwa area.During the colonial area , Egbudu Akah was placed along with some Aniocha and all Ika communities into Benin district until 1918 when they were placed to Asaba division.Egbudu Akah is a major agrarian community.This is reflected by her many satellite towns which had developed in most cases from farming camps.Egbudu Akah hosts a large rubber plantation covering over 2,000 hectares and it’s a major source of revenue for the community.Oil has been discovered in Egbudu Akah too and the oil company is Pan Ocean.There is one secondary school built through community effort and two public primary schools.Egbudu Akah needs roads.The road via Ashama and Ubulu Unor is not passable.The only manageable one is via Ekuku-Agbor.Egbudu Akah also needs hospitals and other amenities.There has been very little impact by the government despite the potentials of the community.