The true definition of your perfect hair color.

Every beauty of a woman is her hair,it makes a woman feminine, unique,beautiful and outstanding.Defining your style on your perfect hair color can make one spend a pretty penny on the perfect shade of hair color of your choice,so you don't waist all the cash down the drain.What can one really do to keep that color where it belong.When you dye your hair,the pigments are held captive inside the hair strands says experts but anything that can lift the hair shaft's cuticle allowing pigment particles to escape can fade that pretty color.One of the biggest color stealing culprits is H2o,a plain water dilutes that makes the pigment to fade faster.But before you can vow to never wash your strands again,try these pigment protecting tricks.

☀Wear a hat:Protecting your hair color from the elements helps prevent the formation of a free radical atoms or molecules that contribute to fading when they snatch electrons from pigment molecules.Wear a sun protecting hat when you are out -doors for a long time or look for leave -in-treatments with UV absorbers that filters some of the color -running rays like benzophenone-3 or 4,polyquaternium-59,cinbamidopropyltri onium chloride and butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane.

☀Avoid going red:When putting on red hair color, try and rethink,because red hair colors fade the fastest because crimson pigment molecules are larger than brown and blacks and most unstable.

☀Suds up less frequently:The more you wash your hair the faster your hair color will fade away.Shampooing causes the hair strands to swell and the color then washes out little by little.If you need to shampoo often,that deposite dye onto your  hair,essentially re-coloring a little each time you wash.

☀Make use of color protecting shampoo and conditioner:Traditional products don't take away from the color,they just don't add anything says experts.Wash and condition your strands with products formulated to be protective,they work by sealing your cuticle,so your strands hold on to the dye inside.And unless it's the day before a color refresh die to use clarifying shampoo which can strip strands and speed up the color fade process.

☀Swim rules:Chlorine is a major culprit in fading hair dye,apply a little deep conditioner to your hair before you dive into water,endeavor to protect and moisturiz the hair,then add a swim cap over the conditioner for an extra -layer protection.

☀Always wash with Luke warm water:Steaming hot water definitely has an effect on strands.Wet hair has more stretch than dry hair and the "stretchness" of hair increases with the water temperature.This indicates the hair structure is more relaxed,which can allow more pigment to escape,So wash with lukewarm water or (gasp!) cool H2o .


Hopefully you remove braids or weave-on very carefully without breaking or snapping your hair.Always invest time and energy into process of removal because all the growth your hair manage to secure may just end up in the bin,if you are not careful -perhaps,you want to consider paying someone to remove your braids so they don't feel that it is a waste of time to be so careful.

☀Do not comb or brush to remove tangles,use fingers to remove excessive hair that has been shed over the period braids or weave-on were on.

☀Apply seperate treatments to scalp and hair,wrap professionally to ensure enough heat will be trapped

☀You may sit under a hot dryer for 15-20 minutes:Remove wrapping and leave it to cool briefly.

☀Next,massage every inch of the scalp:Massage should be systematic and firm out not painful or uncomfortable.

☀Then massage treatment into hair:Section hair into four parts to ensure no portion is ignored,detangle with hand only.

☀Rinse out with cool water,shampoo hair twice and rinse thoroughly to ensure no trace of shampoo is left behind.

☀Squeeze excess water out,apply leave-in treatments in using fingers to detangle.

☀Now you can use a wide-tooth comb on hair:Proceed to style as desired.

Note:Make sure your treatments are customized to suit your scalp and hair type.This Will go a long way to helping you achieve the healthiest hair possible.