U. S rapper wale soon to relocate to Nigeria to run his music affairs.

U. S music rapper wale has taken to Twitter to announce that he will be moving to Nigeria to run his music affairs like Don Jazzy did.The rapper’s decision to move back to Nigeria is presumed to have been influenced by Don Jazzy.Don Jazzy’s story has it that he was based in the United States and was on a security job until thoughts of returning home crossed his mind.He paid attention to those thoughts,returned,and formed a music label which housed A-list artists who dominated the music scene for an extended period of time.

The same case has it with BankyW.Looking at all these,Wale doesn’t seem to see the need to remain abroad and compete with foreign guys in their own home.So he seeks to return to his motherland and presumably join Don Jazzy’s Mavin Records,as he seems to have had some talks with Don Jazzy in that regard.

Taking to his Twitter handle, the U.S-based Nigerian rapper wrote;“I’m moving to Nigeria man… Good talk with @DonJazzy… Naija,we are in good hands…” With that said,it is expected that the rapper will soon land in the giant of Africa and start doing things like we do.