Understanding the perfection of marriage.

Marriage is a constitution whereby a man and a woman come together to establish or to live together.A perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other.What makes a marriage perfect?Let`s consider the qualities which makes a marriage perfect.

☀When the marriage has the fear of God,This is the most important point to note.Why? It is because a married couple who possesses the fear of God will definitely have all the qualities that make up a perfect marriage.That`s to say if couples have the fear of God,they will know what is right and what is not right and will do what is right to make the marriage a success.

☀when the couple has love for each other,love is the principal thing in marriage.Married couples ought to love each other truly no matter the circumstances they find themselves. When couples are truly in love with each other,they tend to overlook so many shortcomings,thus making them to forgive each other and let go easily.They show true care to each other simultaneously.Also they express their feelings in diverse romantic ways which makes them happy.

☀Able to trust each other:Trust is the key in every relationship we find ourselves.Trust is needed by dating,courting and married couples.If couples can`t trust each other it results in infidelity and this can threaten a once healthy marriage.Therefore every couple must strive to win each other`s trust because when there is trust in marriage such marriages are more likely to last forever.

☀Respect for each other :A saying says "respect is reciprocal" but i say "respect is like a selfie shot".You ought to respect
yourself first before you can earn respect from someone else.Why am I saying this? For instance you know that if someone takes your money without your permission,you would be upset or mad and you go ahead and pick someone else`s money without the owner`s permission.That`s disrespectful.Don`t forget the saying "do unto others what you wish others to do unto you".Where there is mutual respect in marriage, there is peace and harmony in the

☀Both should be committed to their marriage:This is a major point that seems to be the most challenging of all in today`s world.When dating couples cannot be committed to each other how can they be committed in marriage? Note that whatever happens while you`re dating or courting could possibly happen in marriage if not properly addressed. Commitment is not just a feeling,its determination.Couples who are not committed to their spouses end up committing adultery or such marriage tends to end up in divorce.

☀They should be perseverance among the two:Remember the definition of a perfect marriag" two imperfect people (married) who refuse to give up on each other" no matter the circumstance they find themselves.Remember those vows"for better,for worse, for richer,for poorer,in sickness and in health".Those are strong words that need perseverance.When you can`t bear burdens and pressures,it could lead to a fallout in the matrimonial journey.So we ought to learn this great quality in order to enjoy a perfect marriage.

☀Self control:Self control is very relevant in every aspect of life.When couples have self control,they can overcome so many tempting situations.Some areas couples need self control are:temper,sexual urge,emotions etc.A spouse that can`t control him or herself would easily fall into a trap,lay hands on his or her spouse when angry,or even cheat on his or her partner not because they don’t love their partners, not because they don't trust their partners but because they lack self control.So with self control,a marriage becomes a perfect one. Note:This article is not trying to say humans are perfect rather its letting us know that two imperfect couples could enjoy a perfect marriage if they possess the aforementioned qualities.