2019 gubernatorial election in delta state will be okowa versus okowa.-Solomon ebinum.

The.Senior Special Assistant on Contributory Health Commission to the Governor of Delta State,Mr Solomon C. Ebinum has said that 2019 election is a choice for our state to continue moving forward by reelecting Governor Ifeanyi Okowa.He said this at Ward 9,Obiaruku PDP expanded executive committee meeting and also used the opportunity to mention some of the governor's achievements in Ukwuani as,Abbi Ezhionum Road,Ezhionum Aragba Road, Obiaruku Utagba-uno road,Water scheme projects in all the wards,accessment of affordable,accessible and quality healthcare through Delta State Contributory Health Insurance Scheme; Obiaruku and Umutu General Hospital plus accreditation of Ezhionum,Umuebu,Owa Abbi and Umutu primary health centres,upgrade of infrastructure in schools,YAGEP/ STEPS job creation to mention but few.

Ebinum who is a former Secretary to Ukwuani Local Government Council said that in 2015,the gubernatorial election was between Senator Dr Ifeanyi Okowa and others but at the end,the man won. He is the man for the time and If you’re still doubting who you will be supporting in the 2019 election,keep in mind that  Governor Okowa has created jobs, Techinical education is working, construction of roads is alive,youth empowerment is on course and we are moving forward.If you’re unsatisfied with that record then you’re either unenlightened about how governance work or you just have impossible expectations.

While the people has witnessed the policies and effectiveness of governor Okowa,his challengers will offer only rhetoric to describe an alternative to the reality the state knows and at the end, Okowa will win,he maintained.He said that Dr.Okowa believes in the values of hard-work,fair play and has proven multiple times that he is a man of great ethics but despite his existing achievements,people need to understand why he not only deserves,but needs a second term in office.2019 election will be between Governor Okowa versus Governor Okowa and the winner will be the good people of the state when Governor Okowa will be given another mandate to continue till 2023,he asserted.He commended the chairman of ward 9,Comrade Stanley Onyenwosa for operating an open door policy and also preached unity among the leaders.