A chick that knows too many people is just good for sex.-Mayorkun

The DMW raving act and MOVE crooner, Mayorkun sampled an opinion that quickly assumed a controversial dimension,as a great percentage of fans did not agree with his talk.However,a greater percentage of fans agreed.

The singer took to his Snapchat some days back to express how he sincerely feels about girls who know every Tom, Dick,and Harry.According to him,such girls are good for nothing more than to be used and dumped,as that is what is usually done to them by the many guys they know.The singer vows not to be an exception.In his words;

“A chick that knows too many people is a bloody turn off for me.I can’t lie,we’d just kpansh and get it over with While a lot of guys and a couple of girls agree to this,so many girls seem not to agree,thus calling him names.It won’t be out of place to suppose that he has come in contact with such girls severally and has done to them exactly as he said.A girl can’t be flocking around so many guys and then attempts to tie down one supposed MAGA.According to Mayorkun,he will just use her and dump her.