All about a real woman.

In real sense a real man will not choose a woman just because she looks sexy or beautiful,he will choose a woman who can take a stand for herself,fight for herself and defend herself against all odds.The real sexiness of a woman lies in the strength of her character and the compassion in her heart.A woman's greatest asset is the combination of her mentality and character.Physical beauty will attract men to you,but only the quality of your mentality and character will attract the right man.A man that want to spend the rest of his life with you admire your physical attraction but will be more interested in the content of your character and mentality.

"Since romantic relationship is a partnership,what a purposeful man will enjoy staying and interacting with are the content of woman's character and mentality,not just her physical beauty".

Until you make yourself valuable nobody will value you.Purposeful men are looking for assets,not liabilities.Build your character,develop your mentality and pursue your passion to add value to the world.

Good advice,don't accept the proposal of any man who doesn't know your core beliefs,core values,purpose,passion, goals and vision but is proposing a romantic relationship to you just because of your physical attraction.You are more than your physical beauty.You are your core beliefs,core values,purpose,passion, goals and vision.

The right man will try to know your core beliefs,core values,purpose,passion, goals and vision before he proposes a romantic relationship because he knows that if yours doesn't agree with his or can't coexist with his there's no way you two are going to enjoy the company of each other,not to talk of spending a lifetime together as husband and wife until death ends the union.He won't like to waste your time.He won't like to waste his time,too.Because he knows that romantic relationship works best in an atmosphere where belief systems and value systems of the two partners are in agreement.One thing about a real woman is,if she really feels you,it's not about what you have, where you come from,what kind of car you drive,or how much money you can flash.As long as she see you trying,she is gone be right by your side comforting, encouraging and supporting you in any possible way she can afford.

Well,there might be countless men chasing her and better off than you in everything,but if she really loves you, she's gone stay loyal to you and she won't leave your side.So men,if you have that kind of a woman,think twice prior to your call or text that other chick.Think twice before you decide to go and meet her and waste the little dime you have.Because once your main woman finds out,she will be heartbroken and she will hate everything.And believe me you might not ever get that kind of woman again.Be faithful,loving,caring,appreciative, transparent,cooperative,trustworthy and focused.

Woman besides your beauty and your body,what else do you have to offer a man? Can you challenge him mentally? Can you support him emotionally? What do you have to offer him spiritually? Do you have enough strength to deal with his weaknesses? Do you have enough power to help him pursue his dream as you pursue yours? When was the last time you read a book to learn,grow,and expand your thinking? What makes you different? Why should a man choose you? These are most things you as a woman has to put into consideration.