Dbanj reacts to fan with harsh words after he told him to quit music.

Having become a norm for fans to reach out to their favorite celebs or random celebs to sample their opinion on music matters,a certain young man reached out to D’banj and told him to quit music and breed musically fit singers like his former partner Don Jazzy is doing.In response, the fan got shattered with harsh words from D’banj.The fan wrote:

“Sign an artiste who is ready to take over the world and be a godfather.It will pay more because you have passed this level of music.Going back to it is not really a good thing.”

D’banj replied saying; “You clearly have no idea what I’m about,what @creamplatform and my movement is about,yet you feel the need to air an unsolicited opinion.So keep quiet son! Educate yourself with facts before you stray to my page and exhibit your pile ineptitude.I am not as thirsty as you to impose my thoughts on others.

Maybe one day when you finally become that great king you hope to be,I will pay for your council if it comes with wisdom and well-sought knowledge.But till then, take several seats back and crawl into your hole.