Differentiating between love and lust in a relationship.

Love is that innermost feeling or consistent affection for someone while lust is a strong sexual desire for someone.On a long run,sex is a healthy and natural activity,it is something most people enjoy.So many youths and teenagers have totally destroyed their lives beyond repair.Do you even know that some mistakes may be pardoned but will have everlasting effects?No body is against your love life or relationship but who told you that sex is a proof of love? You perform sex through love and perform sex through lust.listen,any man or woman who tells you to prove your love for him or her through sex wants to destroy you,run from that fellow.

WHAT WOMEN NEED TO KNOW:A man will offer you heaven and earth just to have his way in,he will give and do every possible thing for you just to have your pride but let me shock you a little;a man once said any man who have sex with you doesn't value you again,you may not know this but it's true.No matter how hard he tries to revive that initial feeling,every single value he once had for you ended there and then,he then comes before his friends and tell them how cheap you are,that's the power of lust.As a woman you lose the pride of your privacy because you don't value it.If you must be valued then value yourself.Although men can pretend,you can identify a man who is fake and doesn't have single love for you.Here are ways you can identify if a man loves you or not;

☀A fake man will demand for sex.A real 
man will also demand for sex.But a fake man will quit the relationship if you refuse to have sex with him,while a real man will not quit even if you don't give him sex.

☀ A fake man shows love and care.A real man also shows love and care.But watch out.A fake man will stop to be caring if you commit any offence,but a real man never stops being caring no matter your offence.

☀A real man will not like to leave you no matter the situation.

☀A real man that truly loves you will always apologise even if it is not his fault.

☀Fake man pamper ladies.Real men also pamper ladies too.But if a man pampers you to the extreme,don't trust him. In most cases, fake men pampers ladies more than the real men.

☀When a man uses too many sweet words all the time,be careful.He may be fake.Real men that truly love you will use few sweet words.

☀A real man that truly loves you will be very concerned about your problems.He will always show much concern about the causes and solutions to your problems. But a fake man only shows more concern about his own problems.

☀A real man will spend money on you. Fake man will also spend money on you. But a fake man will not give you much money unless you have sex with him.No sex,no money that is fake love.

☀A fake man will promise to marry you. A real guy will also promise to marry you. But a real man will always discuss with you about how to build a successful marriage.

WHAT MEN NEED TO KNOW; Most women are scared to love because of  heart breaks they experience from men.So they don't truly love again and  because of this men walk away from women simply because they refuse giving them sex,no doubt,there are several men who want sex,and if they don't get it,they walk away.You see why they walk away because it wasn't love it was lust.As a man you go about entering and exiting every girl in the hood and you are proud to call yourself a player.Do you know the value of the sperms you are wasting? Ride on,but by the time you will finally settle down with a woman and get diagnosed of "Low Sperm Count" or any infertility disease,you will then realise that the echoes of the past do come hunting.Having sex with a woman you are not married to is not love and can never be,if you really love her,please don't ruin her.Here are ways you can identify if a woman truely love you or not;

☀A woman who don't love a man always demand for money to get material things like bag,shoe,clothes,and outing,making him spend unnecessarily,but a real woman will always ask you to cut down your unnecessary spending.

☀A woman who does not love you can never ever sit you down,and help you plan your future.

☀A woman who does not love can never ever confide in you nor seek advice from you rather they prefer jumping from one club to another.

Try to be a woman that a man will always regret losing for the rest of his life.Be that woman that your man can never afford to lose to another man.Build your man to your taste.And stop looking for a ready made husband.Forcing yourself on that rich man that you didn't work with to achieve what he has.There's just nothing as best as building up your man yourself.And you will forever earn his respect.