Dr Cairo ojougboh sets to join APC.

This typifies the situation of a one time political "iroko" in delta state,Hon Cairo Ojougboh.If information flying around is anything to go by,there is a strong possibility of this ex legislator to start on a long run away from his own people as he is set to join the All Progressive Congress APC.

Ojougboh who had spent all his political life struggling for power and recognition with Gov Okowa is said to have lost all interest in the PDP from the very day Dr Okowa was elected and sworn in as the Governor of Delta state.His infamous role in the PDP crisis was another testimony of his political rivalry with Gov Okowa which had in the past taken some lives of some irresponsible Ika youths.

"Coming out of the final nail on his political relevance in the PDP with the final Supreme court ruling on the PDP leadership crisis,Hon Ojougboh was alleged to have lost every soul and interest on PDP.The current information regarding a possible defection to APC is said to have been the final consequence of all that had transpired in the last couple of months.Our source has it that Hon Ojougboh is set to join APC with some of his kinsmen in PDP,among them is a known current aide of Gov Okowa.