Dr Cairo ojougboh tears his PDP membership card.

Rejected and dejected,Hon Cairo Ojougboh,one time federal legislator under the PDP platform has finally taken the audacious political step to rediscover his relevance in Ika and delta state polity by joining the APC,a party regarded by majority of his people as a leprous hand.Hon Ojougboh was today at Agbor formally received into the APC family that is determined to unseat the incumbent governor and his PDP through facebook and other social media network propaganda and blackmail.

"Though,Gov Okowa's administration is yet to impact on his constituency as there have continued to be a growing critics of his govt among his people than from any other senatorial zone in the state,it is still expected that Gov Okowa should take up major projects in his constituency to prove to his people that he is indeed,not part of the marginalization of the nation by the PDP.

"It is on record that 2 years since the coming of the Okowa's government there is no landmark project anywhere in state and this situation is giving some of his followers serious concern as to his genuine commitment to the development of his senatorial constituency.Meanwhile,Hon Ojougboh's defection brings about the 7 notable ex- members of the junta PDP that has left the weakened umbrella to join APC simply because they were sidelined from reaching the cake.However,of all the former PDP members that left the party to join APC,it is believed that put together,they cannot defeat Gov Okowa even in their individual's wards.