Gist on funny vibes.

Warri people no go kill me.....

A Corper just posted to Warri asked a student in a warri
school "what is '2' raised to power '5'", the student stood up very
angry& replied
"Wetin '2' dey raise power for '5'...dem be mate?...'2' leave '3', '4'
come dey raise power for '5'...him wan die?.. him no knw say '5'
use three years senior am?The teacher fainted.
The way some girls be wishing their fellow girls happy birthday on social media will get you thinking that they're advertising them for marriage .

They will be like:"happy birthday to this my beautiful,hardworking,intelligent, romantic,smart ,sexy ,prayerful ,funny , honest and loyal bae...she can pray for africa She's the best cook you will ever come across.She can work work work work work .She's the best person you
can talk to.She has all these ideas that beat your normal everyday girl.She can keep fit like kilode.Fluent in spoken grammar.She can read like mad.An intelligent writer.She's even a virgin all these plenty things and you say It's a birthday wish? My dear It's a 👉 CV.

My British friend just asked me,

What is ASUU?

I told him it's an annual festival in Nigeria where students don't go to school for several months.Abi i lie?
How I wish NYSC were to be WYSC:Worldwide Youth Service Corp.After you graduate,they post you to New york to serve,post some to dubai.Then the middle east will be like the
north east,If they post you to afganistan,syria or iraq, you redeploy back to jamaica,brasil or spain.kaii!! Then USA,canada and UK Will be like Abuja,Port Harcourt and Lagos..where everyone is rushing Calabar and Uyo are like Caribbean and Hawaii.Omo you will see Nigerian students taking school very serious... so they can go and serve.And if you serve well,they retain you may be in Google Office,Or Facebook USA Blackberry Canada or Apple!.............