How to get that perfect smokey eyes that makes you look extremely sexy.

In every day life,women want to look beautiful and sexy.One part of the body which can high-light the sexiness of a woman is the eyes.Many options that eye makeup can enhance your eyes and your sexy aura.One in every ten women would always choose the "smokey eyes effect"

"Smokey eyes has become a trend in the fashion world today and there are no signs that this trend will end.Smokey eyes makeup can reinforce your eye line and make you look more sexy.This eye makeup also be an option for you the sad-eyed if slanted to zoom in your eyes."

"Smokey eye are the key of the color mix,specify the colors to be combined must be harmonious,use darker base color with dark purple on top,champagne base color with bright blue and peach base with green color.


☀Cream concealer
☀Eyeliner,preferably in black or gray.
☀powder shadow;use the three colors;dark brown,gray and dark green.
☀Eye-shadow;choose a natural or light -colored like Ivory.
☀Eye curler.
☀Eye brown pencil or black depending on the shade of your skin.
☀Black mascara.


☀Apply a cream concealer to the eye lid for your eye shadow base,very good for softening the look of your eye shadow.

☀Establish your eyes with eye liner pencil with a line shape from the inside out at the top and bottom of the eye.Disquise line that been formed by pressing and sliding slowly using eye liner brush.

☀Combine three -color powder shadow (brown, gray and dark green).Dab on the eye bone to reinforce your smokey eyes look.


☀Do it in one direction repeatedly,do not go back and forth.

☀Pinch your eye lashes;for those who have short lashes,false eye lashes could stick.

☀Do not forget to shade your eye browns with an eye brown pencil,dark or black to reinforce the impression of smokey eye on your eyes.

☀Use mascara that gives the effect on your lashes thicker.Let stand until dry, then flops back your lashes to curl lashes.


---Finding the best mascara;ladies want one that provides the perfect volume and length and one that will not run out and when eventually done,it gets frustrating if it doesn't turn out to be what they hope for.There are things to note for when applying mascara to get a desired result.

--you must have a perfect lashes;Without a perfect lashes,you might not have a desired result you want.

--stop applying coat on your lashes;most ladies make this mistake,they keep coating the mascara in the hope that it gives more length and volume to the lashes but in the real sense,it clumps them.The more coats to apply to the lashes,the more unnatural you look and the clumpy look is not attractive.If you don't get your desire lashes in a wipe of mascara,consider switching to a thicker brand of mascara.

---Don't pump the wand;This is a common mistake almost all women make.Never pump the wand,when you pump your mascara wand to get more of the product,you are introducing air into the tube which slowly dries out your mascara,thickens it and makes it clumpy, when you apply this over time to the lashes,they flake off,you will actually be able to "remove " them in bits and pieces from your lashes."If you want a second coat by all means,just dip in the wand once,if you can get product out in that way,you have probably run out or it is finally dried up.

N/B;Do not forget to wear lipstick that suits your style of smokey eyes.You can choose a soft color lipstick or near skin color.Nude or coral color choices with a little lip gloss can increase the effect of sexy smokey eyes.Maximize your look with smokey eyes wearing over sized statement accessories that will make all eyes on you.