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A friend told me onion is the only food item that can make you cry,I laughed and threw a coconut at his face.He's still crying like a baby and I'm shocked.

You say a relationship heart break is the worst painful feeling.My friend,I guess your teacher never separated you from the person you had planned to copy answers from in an exam.
I fainted 5 times today  when I over heard an Ekiti girl say ''Beauty is in the eyes of the DECODER.''

Immediately I woke up,she told the guy who tried to correct her that ''SCIENCE is the best answer for a fool like you''.

My dear,shift let me faint again.


I hate it when somebody tells a girl

“You Don’t Look Like You Can Cook”

I mean,is she supposed to braid her hair with vegetables and decorate her ears with tomatoes and onions just to have the “Cook Look?"
On my wedding day,the Pastor better skip the part of ”Is there anyone here with a reason(s) why this wedding shouldn’t hold? I don’t trust my village people, anything can happen ooooo
Sister in Christ… you claim to be saved but you only talk to men with cars.
Were you baptized with petrol?
Most Ladies Don’t Answer Video Calls After 9pm Because Their Faces Have Been Restored Back To Factory Settings.
A man returns a book to the library,banged it on the counter and yelled, “I read this entire novel; there are too many names of people and no story at all!”

The Librarian look up and responds,
“Idiot! So you were the one who took the Attendance book?"
Attendance in Church on sunday

1. Human beings = 85
2. Bible = 27
3. Phone Charger = 507.
4. Rechargeable lamps = 212.
5. Rechargeable Torch = 176.
6. Power banks 132.         
God is watching .

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God is soaking your cane in crude oil..
Go announce to them.
In the United States,a book called "HOW TO CHANGE YOUR WIFE IN 30 DAYS", sold 2 million copies in a week.

Until the author discovered that the title had a spelling error.The correct title should have been: "HOW TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE IN 30 DAYS". After correction, for a whole month,only three books were sold.Haba........🤣🤣