Middle aged woman narrates how she escaped death from keke ritualist in delta state.

A woman (name witheld) in her early 40s was narrating how God saved her from the hands of Tricycle (keke na pep) ritualist in Asaba,capital of Delta state. The woman told FLAGNEWS NIGERIA correspondent how she escaped.


Madam what happened?

"I entered a Keke and I met some people inside the Keke including a lady. The lady told me to sit in the middle that she would still get to her destination so I sat inside. I told the Keke man that I was going to old Anwai road.The Keke man said OK. On getting to my destination, the Keke man drove past and I asked him to drop me he told me sorry that since he had past,I should please allow him to drop the other passengers so that he would turn and drop me at my destination.On getting to 74 junction,I noticed that the Keke speed increased and he took me to Anwai close to Ugbolu.As I was shouting there was nobody to help me.This incident occurred at about 11AM.The other lady was hitting me with a small gun to weaken me. When I was shouting they told me to shut up and put a white clothe on my head.Then I lost my senses.I didn't know what I was doing again.

The next thing I found myself in a forest in a shrine at Ugbolu.So I was seeing weavons and children shoes scattered all over the shrine.They brought a basin filled with blood and wanted to cut my neck after twisting my neck.So their chief priest came and said "who is this suffer head woman that you guys brought to my shrine? This woman will bring badluck take her away from here"The chief priest was referring to me and asked them to release me. So when they threw me out, I started running inside the forest and I sighted a man dressed in white garment and I hid myself thinking he was one of them.The man now walked up to me and used his hand to direct me on the right way to run to.He didn't utter any word he was just using his hand to direct me and he was following me behind as I was running.So I told the man that if I could get to Okpanam,I can find my way that he should pls show me the way if he could. The next place I found my self was Okpanam and I sighted the tarred road and the St. Michael's catholic church at the Okpanam round about.So that was how I managed to escape home"The woman concluded her true life story in tears of joy.