Nigerian nudist maheeda says she wants to have Mayweather in her bed.

One-time Gospel singer-turned nudist, Maheeda,is not a stranger to hugging headlines.Fond of making controversial statements and posting nude  pictures online,Maheeda knows how to court people’s attention.

The self-acclaimed Naija bad girl dominated the news shortly after boxer, Floyd Mayweather’s recordbreaking fight against Conor McGregor.Maheeda had taken to her Instagram page to indicate her interest to have sex with the heavyweight champion.She had written, “Okay now daddy,let’s do the main match in bed.”

In a chat online,she explained why she wants the boxer in her bed. “Mayweather is the type of man I like.I like them strong, determined and focused,and he looks like a man that would know how to treat a woman well in bed.Contrary to what people think,I’m not after him for his money,I just want him to give me some good loving.And I’m sure he would also enjoy the experience with me.”