Open letter to governor Arthur ifeanyi okowa

His Excellency,
Gov. (Dr). Arthur Ifeayin Okowa,
Government House,

September 26, 2017.


May I crave your indulgence your Excellency,to bring to your notice the grave and sad political development that had bedeviled our Ibusa community since the return of democracy to Nigeria.In order for you to fully appreciate the enormity of what is on ground and the likely bloodbath that may arise if action is not taken,it will be necessary for me to recap events that had occurred between two illustrious sons of our community whose subtle but firm grip of and grasp of political activities had always put members of the community on edge and brought fear and endangered the life of ordinary citizens,as a result of their pursuit of their individual personal political agenda and struggle for ultimate supremacy.I am referring to Mr.Peter Nwaoboshi,the distinguished Senator Representing Delta North in the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,and Mr. Fred Ajudua,the spouse of Mrs. Pat Ajudua, the Oshimili North Representative at the Delta State House of Assembly.

Almost two decades ago,when I was serving as the President General of Ibusa Community Development Union,World wide,these two illustrious sons of the town,with their respective supporters, engaged each other in a mob like showdown inside the town,where dangerous weapons,including fire arms were freely used.The situation became so dangerous that the attention of the Inspector General of Police was attracted and both men were invited to the office of the Assistant Inspector General of Police, Zone 5, Benin City for interrogation.In my capacity as the President General of Ibusa Community Development Union World wide,and with the blessings of the elders of the community,I approached the then Assistant Inspector General of Police,with a request that the two gentlemen be released to me and that the elders of the community have decided to wade into the matter and that peace will surely return.I was obliged and the matter was closed and the two men released to me.

Fast forward,both men have chatted there different course in life,but providence continue to bring them together,albeit, politically.While Mr. Nwaoboshi had moved up the political ladder, and is currently a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Mr. Fred Ajudua, through his spouse,had equally benefitted politically from the community.As you well know,for the past 12 years,his wife, popularly referred to as Princess Pat Ajudua has and is still representing the community as the Oshimili North Local Government Area Representative at the Delta State House of Assembly.

The above narrative is imperative just to give you a clear picture of the extent of the political rivalry that culminated in a recent letter purportedly written and addressed to you with respect to the forthcoming primaries of your party, the PDP,for the 2019 House of Assembly elections.

Although,Mr. Ajudua has promptly denied and denounced the contents and authorship of the said letter which had gone viral on the internet,he had also directed his media aide to issue,and indeed issued a disclaimer,dissociating himself from the contents of the said letter.However,the issues raised in the said letter,I submit,are so fundamental and weighty to be ignored,hence,as a social crusader for justice,a son of the soil,and in order to forestall unpleasant consequences,having regard to past antecedents in like circumstances, I took it upon myself to address those issues, especially,as your humble self was specifically mentioned and the role which you were expected to play in the forthcoming PDP party primary and subsequent election for the seat of a representative of the Oshimili North Local Government Area to represent us at the Delta State House of Assembly.For this purpose,I have identified 4 critical areas.

(1)   Your hard earned name, reputation  and your exalted Office

{2}  The supposed and purported acceptance and preference of Mrs.Pat Ajudua as your preferred candidate over the rest

{3}   The Security implication that such a decision and choice, if true,  will pose to an already politically fragile community, and

(4) The way forward.

As the Chief Executive, and leader of your party in Delta State, nothing can be more damaging and destructive to your reputation and image if it is found to be true that indeed and in fact, you actually acquiesced to such an unholy political arrangement.

Your name,integrity and responsibility, your Excellency,demands that you remain neutral,afford and allow every and all interested aspirants,and they are many,a level playing ground to test their popularity and let the best candidate emerge..The publicized information as contained in the purported letter to you via the social media,which of course was promptly denied and disclaimed by the supposed author, if true,leaves a proverbial sour taste in the mouth of the members of the Ibusa community. 

Granted that Mrs. Ajudua reserves the undeniable right to contest and represent members of her constituency as many times as providence permits,so also does every other aspirants within the community and indeed within the entire Oshimili North Local Government area who are members of your political party, and even those from other parties as well.   You will agree with me Sir,that to endorse Mrs. Pat Ajudua as your preferred candidate as was widely published, or any other individual for this position is a huge disservice to the entire people of Oshimili North and most importantly, to the entire Ibusa Community on whose behalf she has held the position for almost 12 years of uninterrupted three terms tenure,a feat and privilege nobody, sine the creation of the state several years ago,had attained and or enjoyed. 

Let me remind you Sir,that in the last 3 House of Representatives election in Ibusa,two people had been murdered in cold blood as a result of electoral violence,most traceable to the inordinate ambition of certain politically minded individuals in our community to do exactly what you are being subtly persuaded to do in other to remain politically relevant and play god to the rest of us.Truth be told Sir,we, as a community,are tired of burying our children as a result of unresolved and avoidable political issues leading to violence in our community.The last one was the gruesome murder in broad day light,of one Emeka Oniawa during the last House of Representative Elections,and that murder has neither been resolved nor the perpetrators brought to justice till date,even as I write this letter to you, despite police report, and the legal opinion of the then Director of Public Prosecution that further investigation be carried out.In other words,that celebrated murder case is still too fresh in our memory for any foundation that may ultimately lead to election violence be unleashed on the community Having outlined the reason for this open letter,I now wish to offer you my humble opinion on the way forward.

I still maintain that as far as the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,as amended is concerned,there is no provision that I know that restricts Mrs. Pat Ajudua from contesting and seeking as many times as she wishes to be re-elected as a representative from Oshimili North Local Government Area into the Delta State House of Assembly.

Conversely,there is no law that I know that says that no other person should aspire to be elected into the same office as the one presently occupied by Mrs Pat Ajudua on behalf of the people of Oshimili North Local Government Area, since the office is neither hereditary nor a exclusively preserved for the Ajuduas. That office is open to all indigenes from the entire Oshimili North Local Government Area.

Thirdly,as the de factor leader of your party and the Governor of the people of Delta State,it is imperative that you should be seen not to promote any kind of political acrimony that may endanger the life and property of members of not only your party,the Ibusa Community and the people of Delta State in general through some unpopular political decisions, as it is being purported and envisaged that you agreed to do,going by the contents of the said letter under reference.I will also plead with you to prevail on Mr.Peter Nwaoboshi,the distinguished Senator and a key member of your party,who is also being rumored to be preparing to influence the primaries and impose his own preferred candidate,to refrain from directly and/or indirectly interfering whatsoever and howsoever with the selection of who emerges as the candidate of your party for the said House of Assembly at the primaries. 

Finally,I most humbly appeal to you to kindly use your good offices and help promote peace and in fact give peace a chance by allowing all political aspirants within your party,the PDP to have a free, fair and a level playing ground so as to test their suitability and approval at the primaries by the electorate.The entire community is polarized at it were right now,tensions are high and except you do the needful,the unintended consequences of failure on your part is better imagined than experienced.When, and not if, you accede to my humble request, your name and tenure would go down in history as the Governor whose wisdom, forthrightness and sincerity of purpose brought everlasting peace to our generation and to Ibusa community in particular.

I thank you,

Yours sincerely,

Femi Okafor Esq.

Editor's note.
In the last one week and as the election era is approaching,Ibusa community has found itself in the political news again for what it is known best for,Dirty Politics
There is a letter flying in the social media and alleged to have been written by Chief Fred Ajudua to His excellency Gov Okowa regarding an alleged conspiracy by Senator Nwaoboshi to deny his wife Hon Pat Ajudua a 4th term ticket by co-opting one Mr Anthony Azuya into the PDP and subsequently hand him over the party's ticket to the House of Assembly. However,from our investigation,the said letter is FAKE as it was not written by Fred Ajudua and neither did the governor receive any of such letter from any source.Though,the Ajuduas have issued a disclaimer to the purported letter,it is still believed that some persons in the community are hell bent on creating a smoke where there is no fire.As we are still working out to unearth those behind the forged and fake letter,we received a response by Fred Ajudua to a response made on the fake letter by Mr Femi Okafor.Before bringing Ajudua's response,we have decided to share the response of Mr Okafor.

We hope to publish the fake letter said to be from Fred Ajudua to the governor and also the disclaimer put up by Fred Ajudua alongside his response to this very piece by Mr Femi Okafor.

Anioma Voice .