Releasing your potentials to move beyond the realm of possibilities.

The word potential can be defined as unexposed ability,reserved power,untapped strength,unused success,dormant gifts,hidden talents,latent power.If there is anything you can do that you have not done yet,if there is where you can go that you have not gone yet,if there is who you can be that you have not yet reached,if there is what you can imagine that you have not yet imagined,if there is what you can accomplish that you have not yet accomplished,then you have not yet used your potentials.

This potentials is the sum of who you are and what you have not yet reveal.It is a deposit that waits to be released and maximized.You are capable of doing more than you are presently thinking,imagining,doing and getting.You posses awesome potentials within you, waiting to be activated and released.The release of your potentials demands that you refuse to be satisfied with your latest accomplishments.Only then will you tap into the vast bill of credit with which you were born.

The above definition of potential shows that is the large unknown bank of resources you were given at birth not what you have accomplished.Releasing your potentials requires a willingness to move beyond the familiar into the realm of possibilities.Some men have thousands of reasons why they cannot do what they want to,when all they need is reason why they laid some principles of potentials are:

☀God placed potential in you to benefit the world.

☀potential is the large unknown bank resources you were given at birth.

☀potential must be used or it will be aborted.

☀Satisfaction with success kills potential.

We did not come into this world for nothing.We were created for a purpose.Each of us came into this world with an assignment to fulfill.God commission us to leave a legacy for this and next generation,something from which other fellows can learn and be inspired.The abilities to complete these assignments lie within us.The tools are our natural talents,gifts and ambitions.

Unless you accept the responsibility for releasing your potentials,the next generation will notice a vacant space in the earth and under your life,it will be clearly stated the fruit of your potential was not released and your assignment was unfinished on Earth.Sir Winston Churchill said "the price of greatness is responsibilities".In order words,if you are a great or successful man,you have to accept the challenges of being a great man which includes responsibility of being resourceful to others.This is a truth that should be guarded and heeded.The grave yards are full of great Men and women who never became great because they did not give the ability responsibility.This untapped ability is called potential.Each of us came into the world pregnant with unlimited potential.It is left to us to discover this potential.

Unless we release this potential for the use of mankind,it will be aborted.Abortion is not limited to the physical termination of life of a baby in the mother's womb.Failing to make use of your potentials is aborting potentials.Abortion has become a hot political issue in many countries where it is used to manipulate the reins of power.The case of abortion has been as old as man.Many countries treat abortion cases was a major criminal offence leading to many years of imprisonment.If your potential is not released,it will affect this generation and the generation of a man yet unborn.In other words,the next generation will not realize or use the potential that was not tapped and your potential which the new generation should have built upon and develop will be non -existent.

You can see that every potential that was not developed is always forgotten not only by this generation.If you abort your potential,you will be guilty of robbing the world of the treasure you came into this planet to deliver.The fact that you were Born is an evidence that your creator knew that the earth needed the potential you are pregnant with.It is therefore imperative that you refuse to leave this planet without given birth to those dreams,ideas,visions,and inventions given to you before you were born.Do not abort your potential,leave the picture of your potential on the wall of history in the museum of the earth.