See question? On funny vibes

Teacher:zulu,why are you down to day?
Zulu:because mum is in hospital and dad is at the police station..
Teacher:sorry dear do you want to go home?
Zulu,goes home and teacher ask the remaining pupils
Teacher:why is zulu's father at the police station and the mother in hospital?
Pupils:because his father is a policeman and the mother is a nurse
Teacher:stupid child! call him back!
A 14 year old daughter was looking at her mother's voters ID card.A portion was written SEX:" F ",she then started laughing until the mother asked why she was laughing.The girl said "I can't believe you are so bad at sex that you even got an" F." Now I understand why Daddy is always with the maid.Children of nawa days...
That disgusting moment when you are kissing your partner and you notice some rice particles in his/her mouth And you asked:
“Honey Did You Just Finished Eating?
and your partner says
“No dear..I just finished vomiting”.
Fada laud, I’m ready now.
Take My Soul.!!!Wicked world.
When Americans describe a location,they simply say,"The place is about a mile and a half,north-west or 300 metres away from Greenville park." You actually know where you're going.
But In Naija....
"If you reach Mbonu crescent,you will see one big gutter.Jump the gutter and corner left.Do as if you're going right but be cornering left small small.Be going down down...straaight! Until you will see one place they're selling akamu in front of one Redeemed church; opposite where they used to throwey dustbin.Just stand there and flash me.I will come outside.
At a wedding ceremony of a couple, the pastor asked the tensed question "if you have any reason why this couple should not be joined together step up or forever remain silent"Then a woman from the back roll stood up and was walking towards the pastor...Upon seeing that the bride became furious looked at the groom and asked "why did you do this to me,so you have been cheating"? She slapped him,scratched his face with her fingers, kicked his "Merge" and the groom held his Adam in pains.She then threw herself on the floor rolling,crying uncontrollably,ruining her make up and tore her gown in the process.Then the pastor asked the woman moving towards him to stop. He then asked:
Pastor : Woman do you have any complaint about this marriage?
Woman : No
Pastor :Then why did you stand up, when the question was popped up?
Woman :Lolz.. I was only walking towards the front roll cus i can't hear and see clearly from the back.
INTERVIEWER: So how far did you go with your education?

ME: I didn't go very far because my school was just behind our house
Which kind question be that!