Taking charge over failure.

Failure is an act of someone or something not succeeding.So many people loss hope to failure because they feel there can't succeed anymore.For instance,failure is when you've written that examination for more than 6 times now and failed.You've done everything possible to defeat poverty,you just want to break out of that addiction but up till now, you are still the same person you've always been,you've done everything within your human power to upgrade yourself yet no matter how far you go,you always crash backwards and downwards..That is FAILURE.

When you as a person think of doing something and eventually you didn't succeed you develop a low self esteem syndrome.A psychologist once said...As a man thinks in his heart so is he.He is exactly the man he thinks he is.You cannot get it right until you think it right.Things become better when your thoughts is in the right direction.The way you think will spell the difference between success and failure in your life.You can fix your mind on something and concentrate on it and behold nothing can stand against you.At a glance,every difficulty appears insurmountable,but if you take a second look at the difficulty with a positive mindset,you will definitely find a solution to it.People are defeated because of lack of ability,but because they do not resolve to succeed.Result do not yield themselves to the person who refuses to give himself or herself to the results.If you think you can not be able to do something,you will not be able to do it, you will if you think you can do it,you will if you think you are a failure.If you begin to see yourself as a 
success,you will soon become a success.

''Do you know that the demons of your destiny don't really celebrate when you fail? They don't because they know that a man is not finished when he fails;a man is finished when he quits.I was once a victim to failure,i use to be disturbed by thoughts of criticism,hatred and blackmail.Always suspicious that people were talking about,whenever people made gestures around me,i felt they were talking about my deficiencies or my failures and weakness.These thoughts usually affects my psyche and power of concentration.Sometimes I was propelled by these negative feelings to divert my attention and sense of reasoning to something entirely different from what I intend to do.The consequence of this was depression.

During this period my thinking,emotion and feelings changed.Sometimes fear,anxiety,worries and discomfort took possession of my mind and I show it physically on my face and in my reactions and ulterances.When I become older,i become conscious of the effect of depression on me and I learnt how to change my thoughts and free myself from negativism and inferiority complex thus freely and deliberately direct my attention and thoughts to something different when sinister issues flashes into my subconscious mind.

A friend of mine thought me how to focus attention on positive thought instead of negative issues.I use to be uncomfortable with issues bordering on my emotions.I used to feel that the other fellow does it better than me,but now,I tried to discover whom I am and my capabilities,potentials and find out that nature has equipped me with an inestimable property of always seeking for happiness even at the expense of taking risks.Then Why do you want to give up? unless you say" I give up", it's not yet over so get up.It's time to frustrate failure,don't ever give up your quest for success no matter the situation.