The epitome of wide-leg trouser on body outfits.

Every right put up of a body outfits is always on the go and the talk of every show.Most people show a little flair and breeze around town in such cool wide leg trouser this days.Though people see it as old fashion.If the outfit is put with the right accessories it can be an epitome of style,un-continued,unself-conscious and oh-sexy.A well worn perfectly fitting pair is the crown jewel in many closet.Get your safety in a pair of stylish wide leg trouser with a pair of heels and get the ultimate sex bomb look that stands out from the crowd.Although skinny legged trousers and pants came in with a bang but the wide leg trouser is making a grand return and grand style.

It has been popping up for a few years but is here with more wide-spread appeal this season.If you have not in a while shopped this season to add this one item to your wardrobe,you are definitely missing something fashionable this season,bang it an instant add to your wardrobe.Infact we think one pair of wide leg trouser with colorful pair would be wardrobe heroes for upcoming season and beyond.For a time now,we haven't seen the shorter wide leg culotte look and rarely people embrace it but it isn't the fashion some few trend that was made for all women and thus it definitely has not been embraced by all women.But the longer version is far easier to wear as its simply a more flattering silhouette.Here are ways you can follow the simple rules and also embrace this old look which is new and modern once again:

☀The perfect fit;Always make your wide leg trouser flattering which can work in so many shapes and sizes whether in pants, Jeans and denim.It is just very cool with flats heels and sneaker shoe.Great look for weekend and work casual.When we mean flattering,we mean make it simple and good composure when going out for a casual dates or occasions,so tread lightly and go with a neutral easy color.

☀Tuck-in your top;This simple way of showing your waist line,it just looks great and sloppy with your top hanging loose on you abs.What about if you wore a jacket over a tucked-in top with your wide leg trouser? so excellent for a perfect look.Then your waist will be more pronounce on the outfit with more comfort band extra layer.Once you master this "rule" it cannot be broken,it is all about balance.You don't really have to tuck-in your top so much that there is no looseness.However,the tucked-in shirt is the easiest way to slip into this old modern outfit and know that you look fabulous.

☀Do consider a cropped top; This can also add a glanced to your outfit, making you look trending and nice.If you like the tucked -in style,you can consider buying a cropped top.It works well as it stops at the waist,so you can still see the waist which is the point.Animal prints,neutral tones or black cropped top is an excellent for wide leg trouser.It's so easy to hate this look and again play with your proportion because it all depends on your height and shape.

☀Excellent pair with belt;This particularly looks good if you define your waist with a belt.Try to balance the look and wear something slim fitting on top.Although wide leg trouser can be perfect for the pair.But make sure you don't have any side pockets as that will add extra bulk.

☀Go for high waist;People with big leg can go for full flare,if you want to hide a muffin top or want to create an hour glass figure as it accentuates the figure of your waist and those with skinny legs can go for the small flare and I can say it is not so good if you have a saddle bags.

☀perfect with High heels or wedges;These are must if you are petite and will send longer limbs into realms of the super-model-svelte.