The important dates to remember in Nigeria history.

PRE COLONIAL ERA:11Century: borno was established as an Islamic state.15 century:Hausa kingdoms in the north was established as a normally Muslim states.Early 19th century -sokoto  caliphate was established through jihad.Early 19th century -sokoto caliphate went to war with the Yoruba state.Mid  to late 19th century -missionary activity began in south Nigeria.

COLONIAL ERA:1859;Iwe iroyin,Nigeria first news paper was established.

1880-1905;-Southern Nigeria was conquered by the British.

1903;-British conquered most of Northern Nigeria including the sokoto caliphate.

1912;-lord lugard,governor of Northern Nigeria established a system called indirect rule.

1914;-Northern and Southern Nigeria were amalgamated to form Nigeria.

1946-1960-:Nigeria entered a period of decolonization as Nigeria nationalism grows.

1950;-The conference of Northern and Southern delegates held in Ibadan.

1953;-The London conference regarding Nigeria's federal formula took place.

10th of June 1956;-Oil was first discovered in Nigeria at OLOIBIRI(in bayelsa state)

1957;-Nigeria held its constitutional conference.

1958;-The Nigerian flag was design by Michael taiwo akinkunmi.

1958;-Nigeria held its first national election to set up and Independent government.Northern Nigeria wins most of the seats of parliament.

POST COLONIAL ERA:October 1st 1960-Nigeria gained her independence from Britain.Tafawa bales become the prime minister and Nnamdi Azikiwe become the president.

October 1st 1963-Nigeria served its remaining ties to Britain and the Nigeria first Republic was born.

December 1st 1964-The first civilian to civilian national election.

January 15th 1966-Nigeria's military coup deposed the Nigeria first Republic.Prime minister tafawa balewa was assassinated along with the premier of Northern Nigeria,Ahmadu bello and the france minister Festus okotie Ebo.

January 16th 1966-The federal ministry government was formed with general Johnson Aguiyi Ironsi as the head of the Federal Republic.

July 29th 1966-A counter-coup by ministry officers of Northern extraction deposed the Federal ministry government.General Johnson Aguiyi Ironsi was assassinated along with Adekunle Fajuyi.(Ministry governor of western region general Yakubu Gowon become head of State).

1967-Ethnoreligious violence between Igbo Christians and Hausa Fulani Muslims in Eastern  and Northern Nigeria triggered a migration of the Igbos back to the east.

27th May 1967-General Emeka Ojukwu,minitary governor of the Eastern Nigeria declared his province,an indepent republic called Viagra and Nigeria civil was ensued.

January 8th 1970-General Emeka Ojukwu run to exile.His deputy Philip Effiong became acting President of biafra.

January 15th 1970-Acting president of biafra Philip Effiong surrendered to Nigeria forces through future president of Nigeria Olusegun Obasanjo and biafra was resintegrated into Nigeria.

1st April 1971-Nigeria national petroleum cooperation was established.

14th April 1975-Abuja was proclaimed to be the federal capital under decree No.6 of 1976

29th July 1975-General Yakubu Gowon was overthrown in a bloodless coup.General Murtala Mohammed become head of state.

13th february 1976-General Murtala Muhammed was assasinated on his way to work.His deputy,lieutenant  general Olusegun Obasanjo become the head of state and set a date to terminate minitary rule.

22nd May 1973-The NYSC was established.

12th May 1976-Operation feed the nation (OFN) was launched.

15th January 1977-FESTAC was held in Nigeria.

1979-shehu shagari won the election as the first executive president of Nigeria.

1st October 1979-A new national athem arise o.compatriots was introduced.

18th February 1982-Pope John ii visited Nigeria.

1983-president shehu shagari was re-elected.

31th December 1983-president shehu shagari's government was ejected from power in a palace coup.The second Republic ended.General Mohammed Buhari become head of state and chairman of the supreme minitary council of Nigeria.

17th April 1984-The Buhari regime promulgated decree No.4,the "public officers protection against false accusation " decree,which made it,an offence to ridicule the government by publication of false information.

August 1985-General Mohammed Buhari was overthrown in a palace coup.General Ibrahim Babagida become the head of the state and president of Armed Forces of ruling council of Nigeria.

27th June 1986-Babagida introduced structural adjustment programme (SAP).

12th December 1986-Wole Soyinka won the noble poo prize in literature.This made him the first African to be a noble prize winner.

9th May 1987-Chief Obafemi Awolowo died.

23rd September 1987-General Ibrahim Babagida created two more states bringing the number of states in Nigeria to 21.

7th July 1987-The directorate of mass mobilization,social justice,self reliance and economic reconstruction (NAMSER) was launched.

April 1990- Middle belt Christian officers led by major Gideon Okar attempted to overthrow Ibrahim Babangida in an successful coup.

4th August 1989-Samuel Okparaji died in national stadium.

29th August 1989- Two political were formed by general Ibrahim Babangida (SPP and NRC).

23rd September 1989-More local government area was created.

11th November 1991-Three days national census ensued.

In the early 90's,Ibrahim Babangida commissioned the third mainland Bridge.

27th August 1991- Ibrahim Babangida created 9 more states making the number of states in Nigeria to be 30.

12th December 1991- Ibrahim Babangida moved the seat of government to Abuja.

In 1992-Two political parties,social democratic Party (SDP) and national  republican convention (NRC) were established in President Ibrahim Babangida attempt to return to civil rule.Primary election were annulled and it fail.

12th June 1993- President Ibrahim Babangida annulled the election.

26th August 1993- President Ibrahim Babangida stepped down due to pressure from the Armed Forces ruling council.Ernest Shonekan assumed the rein of power as the interim head of state.

17th November 1993-Ernest shonekan was forced to resign from office.Defence minister Sani Abacha become head if state and established  the provisional ruling council of Nigeria.

13th March 1995-The Abacha administration arrested former head of state olusegun obasanjo for allegedly supporting a secret plot.

10th November 1995-Human and Environmental right activist.Ken Saro Wiwa and eight others were hanged by Sani Abacha administral.

20th April 1996-Under 23 Olympic team,won Olympics gold medal in Atlanta.

11th May 1996- Dr Nnamdi Azikwe died at the age of 92 years.

1st October 1996- General Sani Abacha created 6 more states,thus bringing the number of states to 36.

16th April 1998- Convention of parties adopted Abacha as a consensus candidate for the 15th August 1998 presidential election.

8th June 1998-Head of state Sani Abacha died of heart attack.Abudusalami Abubakar become head of state and chairman of the provisional ruling council of Nigeria.Abdusalami Abubakar administration lifted the ban of political activists and initiated a one year transition to return to civilian rule.

13th June 1998-Former head of state olusegun obasanjo was released from prison.

17th May 1999-Brigader General Tunde Idigbon died.

10th February 1999-Former head of state,olusegun obasanjo won the presidential election.

29th May 1999-The Nigeria Forth Republic was inaugurated.Olusegun Obasanjo was sworn inadequate the second executive president if Nigeria.

19th December 1999-President obasanjo ordered troops to raid the town of odi in the Niger delta,in response to the murder of twelve policemen at the hands if twelve policemen at the hands of the local minitia.The troops razed the town of odi.

27th January 2000-Sharia law was establishin the predominantly Muslim zamfara state.Even other states in the North follows suit.

May 2000 religious riots erupted in kaduna over the implementation of Sharia law.

5th June 2000-The obasanjo administration established the Niger delta development commission (NDDC) to tackle the human and ecological issues in the Niger delta region of Southern Nigeria.

9th February 2001-GSM operators were licensed to commense operations in Nigeria.

10th October 2002-The international court of justice (ICI) ruled against Nigeria in favour of Cameroon over the disputed oil rich bakassi peninsula territory.

April 2003 president olusegun obasanjo was sworn in for a second term as President.

From 4th -18th October 2003-All African games(COJA) were held in Abuja,more than 10,000 foreigners visited the country.

29th July 2003 Nigeria satellite,Nigeria SAT-1 was launched into space at the minitary base of Russia at 7:12am Nigeria time.

1st August 2003-Charlse Taylor was granted refugee status in Nigeria by olusegun obasanjo.

From 5th-8th December 2003 common wealth head of government meeting (CHOGM) was held in Nigeria which had the queen of England,Queen Elizabeth ii in attendance.

19th July 2003-Organisation of African unity (OAU) changed to African Union  (AU).2004 ethnoreligious violence erupted in plateau state.President Olusegun Obasanjo declared a state of emergency in the state.

13th August 2004-The dreaded Okija shrine in okija in Anambra state of emergency in plateau state and the governor Joshua Dariye was suspended from office allegation of corruption and money laundering.Major general Christ Alli (RTD) was appointed sole administrator.

9th November 2004-Chief Chris Uba launched an attack on the Anambra state government's house,destroying the governor 'so office at Aroka.

12th December 2004-Eyimba football club of Aba won the prestigious CAF cup the second time,thus becoming the first club side in Africa to win the cup back to back.

12th January 2005-Taba Balogun inspector general of police was removed from office.DIG Sunday Ehindero was appointed acting inspector general.

9th March 2005-Ahmadu Alli former federal commissioner for education was elected the chairman of PDP after the resignation of Audu Ogbe.

5th April 2005-Adolphus Wabara,former senate president resigned.

2nd  April 2005-Pope John ii died.

19th April 2005-Joseph cardinal Ratzinger a German was elected the 265 Pope Benedict xvi.

31st May 2005-Nepa change to Power Holdings Company of Nigeria(PHCN).

29th March 2006-Charlse Taylor was arrested along Bornu state border to cameroun.

15th October 2006-Ayodele Fayose governor of Ekiti state and his deputy  Mrs Abiodun Oluyimi were impeached and the speaker Mr Friday Aderemi was sworn in as acting governor.

21st-25th March 2006-National head count of persons and Houses tagged "census 2006" took place Nationwide.

3rd November 2006-Peter Obi Anambra state governor was impeached.

19th October 2006-A state of emergency was declared in Ekiti state by president Olusegun Obasanjo and major general tunji Olurin (Rt) was appointed the sole administrator.

16th May 2006-The national assembly of Nigeria voted against a constitutional amendment to remove term limits.President Olusegun Obasanjo met with his Cameroun with his counterpart Paul Biya and UN secretary general,kofi Anam in New York to resolve dispute talks over Bakassi.

15th March 2006-Nigeria troops began to pull out of Bakassi.Bakassi become camerounian territory.

15th March 2007-The independent National commission (INEC) released the names of 24 candidates for the presidential elections.Vice president Atiku Abubakar was excluded from the list.

21st April 2007- Umaru Yar'adua former governor of kastina state was elected as the President of Nigeria.

The first woman to become a president in Africavis Ellen Siricaf Johnson.She was sworn in as the President of Liberia on January 16th 2006.

19th September 2007-Nigeria Golden Eaglets won the FIFA U-17 World Cup held in Seoul Korea.The event was held between 18th August -9th September 2007.

17th October 2007-Dr.Aminu Safena representing Batsari /Danmusa /
Safena Constituency of kastina died at 30 years minute after he was rushed out of a heated argument during a session of house of representatives.

22nd August 2007-The house of representative faulted the award of N628 million contracts for renovation of official residence of the speaker Mrs Patricia Etteh and her deputy Alhaji Babangida Nguroje and purchase of 12 cars.

20th October 2007-The Golden Eaglet's coach Yemi Tella died due to lung cancer.
25th 2007,the supreme court of Nigeria,the immediate removal of Celestine Omehia and also ordered the immediate swearing in of Rotimi Amaechi as governor of Rivers State.

30th October 2007,the speaker of the House of representatives Mrs Patricia Etteh and deputy Alhaji Babangida Nguroje resigned over the N628 million contract scam they were indicted for by the idoko panel set up by the house.

1st November 2007-A new speaker of the House of representatives,Mr Oladimeji Saburi Babkole (38 Years Old) from Abeokuta South Federal constituency of ogun state was elected by the honourable members of the House.

2nd January 2008-Oil trade at $100 a barrel for the first time with violence in oil producing countries such as Nigeria and Algeria helping to drive up prices.7th February the court of appeal in Abuja upholds the October 10th 2007 removal of Alhaji Ibrahim Idris by the Kogi Election of professor Osubor and comrade Adams Oshomole as duly elected governor of Edo State.15th November Jos local government election took place which leads to crisis.

17th November 2009-President Yar'adua nullify the 2009 election.

2nd January 2009-Ghana presidency poll, the opposition party won January election while Atta Mill became the president of Ghana