The important things every single lady and gentleman need to know about relationship.

People in a relationship have to remember that a relationship is a give-and-take situation.Whatever you put into it is what you will get out of it.I'm going to break it down into male and female viewpoints.

Gentlemen,if you never remember anything,remember this....plants cannot survive without water and sun.Saying, "I love you" and "you are important to me" are like the sun and water to your woman.Those words are her fertilizer.  With them you grow and establish roots in her mind and heart,she grows and flourishes under your care and love.As long as she see you trying,she is gone be right by your side comforting,encouraging and supporting you in any possible way she can afford.Well,there might be countless men chasing her and better off than you in everything,but if she really loves you,she's gone stay loyal to you and she won't leave your side.If you have that kind of a woman,please think twice prior you call or text that other woman.Think twice before you decide to go and meet her and waste the little dime you have.Because once your main woman finds out,she will be heart broken and she will hate everything.And believe me you might not ever get that kind of woman again.Be faithful,loving,caring, appreciative,transparent,cooperative, trustworthy and focused.

Ladies,if you never remember anything,  remember this....respect your man as a man,not as a kid.Also submit to him sometimes.Your man is a full-grown adult.Treat him as such.Now if he has proven himself otherwise,you need a new man.Submission is not being a slave to him,despite what some men and women think.Submission is letting him be the representative of both of you.Unless he's abusing you,keep your personal business personal.If you make more than he does,make sure you never make him feel bad about it.Respect and submission are almost synonymous and are the sun and water to the man.Make sure you cultivate them in your relationship.His love for you will grow.

''Just like with real plants that are covered with fertilizer,your relationship has to go through some stinky stuff in order for the work done underground to break through and be seen and appreciated by others.Grow strong roots.Lift your face to the (Sun),live through the rain to dance in the wind and enjoy each other.Another thing is Good character that will make a man never want to let you go,he will like to marry you immediately even when he is not ready for marriage.Every man believes all women are the same but good character is what make a lady different from all.

Dear lady,don't think you are so special because you can't offer anything more than sex just like any woman can offer except your good character.Don't be carried away just because he keep telling you the word "I LOVE YOU", all those sex and doing house chores for him will never gonna make him take you as a wife.Men don't joke when it comes to marriage,they will seek well,they always look for a good woman with good character,a woman that can obey and respect him.When it comes to marriage,wise men don't look for beautiful lady or well package lady or whether you are good in bed or if you are educated,they look for good woman that has proven she is different from other women.Some ladies are not wife material, they are good for dating but not good for marriage.When a man come across a wife material,he always try as much as he can to keep her.Don't be fooled by your beauty or figure 8; is not what men need in marriage.Marriage is more than being sexy or being good in bed,another woman can do better than you in bed.Always add good character to your life.All those make up and forming big girl will never make a man to choose you.If you check well,ugly girls are getting married every Saturdays, because they have what you can't offer which is good characte and becareful how you talk.


Gentlemen know what  they want and then actively try to get it.Most women on the other hand are rarely direct or clear about saying what they want,so women are actually the ones who play games.Men are either ready to be in a long term,committed relationship or they're not.And it’s pretty easy to tell the difference.

If a man wants to be married,he will act like it.If he doesn't, he will act like it.It is the woman's responsibility to not waste her time.If a man wants to play around and you will know not because he says it,but because he does it -- stay or go. Ladies,don't stay and try to change him. That's a game you create – and you won't win.

If your  man's own version of the biological clock isn’t telling him it’s time to commit,there’s absolutely no point in pushing him.You can make the mistake of giving him an ultimatum (as many women do),make promises about how great you will be to him, and even ultimately snag him,but I guarantee he will  only end up resenting you for it, or worse—cheating or leaving.

Men want sex more.Just because a man has sex with you does not mean he wants to be your boyfriend or future husband.Don't play the game where you convince yourself -- and try to convince him, his friends, your friends and everyone's families -- that you have a meaningful relationship just because you're having sex.

Men who are serious about you will stop dating other people, and they will stop acting like a bachelor—frequenting online dating sites, bars, pool halls and dance clubs.The fact is the singles scene no longer appeals to a man who is ready to marry.Men ready to commit, no matter what age they are,will freely admit to feeling uncomfortable and out of place in singles settings.They will increasingly change their lifestyle to one that is more domestic,whether it is at their house,their married friends or their families.If he doesn’t do this,don’t play games with yourself,and try to pretend he wants more than he’s already getting.


1) He introduces you to his friends.

2) He stops acting like a bachelor by frequenting bars and singles' events that he used to go to regularly.

3) He stops traveling with a bunch of buddies and starts taking trips with you and only you.

4) He's no longer interested in his old hobby of just getting laid.

5) He makes a significant place for you in his life at holiday time, whether it's Thanksgiving or Valentine's Day by inviting you to a family function, or giving you a thoughtful gift.

6) He's monogamous -- and you're sure of it.

7) He talks about getting married, settling down, having children, having a wedding – all with you.

8) He calls you daily. When he does he wants to hear about your day, and he wants to tell you details of his day.

9) He isn't married to his job.If he consistently cancels (note I said consistently) plans with you then his job is more important than balancing his relationship with the rest of his life is. However,definitely cut a successful man slack,but watch to make sure that when he does have a break in his work he wants to spend that time with you.