The prostitute and the bike man on funny vibes.

BIKE MAN: Where are you going to?

PROSTITUTE: I'm going to the mortuary.

BIKE MAN:Sorry it's late,I can't drop you there except you pay me 3000 naira.

PROSTITUTE:No problem, when we get there, you'll be paid.When they got to the mortuary,the prostitute said, "Wait here a second, let me go get you the money." When the man waited for an hour without seeing the prostitute, he decided to go in search of her.He pushed open the gate of the mortuary a little bit, took some steps in,before noticing someone,who appeared to be the mortuary attendant,lounging around:

ATTENDANT: How can I help you sir?

BIKE MAN: I gave a lady a ride to this place, she asked me to wait for her to go inside and get the money for the ride, but didn't come back.

ATTENDANT:No one entered here.So I don't know what you are talking about.The bike man insisted and decided to stay and wait for the lady.The attendant thought for a while and asked him to follow him into the mortuary room.When they got there:

ATTENDANT:(He picks up a stick beside him,and points it towards the bodies) If you know you entered a bike and didn't pay,quickly raise up your hand and bring it out or else I will beat all of you with this stick.Quickly,one of the dead bodies raised up her hand and threw the money at the bike rider.