Wiser than the father in funny vibes.

There was a 7 years old boy who had no
name,one day he called his father and
asked him why he had no name;the
father gave him unreasonable answer so the boy decided to give himself a name as WISER THAN THE FATHER.

His father got angry on hearing this and
said,how can u be wiser than me? The
boy said nothing and the father decided to let the boy know that he is wiser than him.
He gave the boy a basket to go and fetch
water from the stream for him,but before
the boy left for the stream he drew a circle on the ground in the compound and
asked the father to take it inside the house before he returned.The boy came back.

Father:where is the water?

Son:Why didn't u take the circle I said you
should take in?

Father: Are you stupid,how can I move the
circle from the ground,it is impossible.

Son: in that case I cannot fetch water
with a basket because it is impossible. The father was surprised on the type of answer the son gave to him and felt
ashamed.But the father still went ahead
to prove that he was wiser.

Father:Son, come and barb my hair.

Son:Okay father,the son roasted a fine maize and gave it to his father to be eating while was cutting his hair .The father quickly collected the maize and the son started to barb him while his father was busy eating the maize.

Father: have you finished?

Son: Yes father. 

Father: Now return the hair you just
barbed back to my head.

Son: If I should return your hair back
then you have to return my maize seed back to the stem.The father was so ashamed and thought of the next trick.

Father: Gave his son a male goat to rear
and the father warned that the goat must give birth the next day,unfailingly.

Son: wakes up in morning singing loud
and dancing.

Father:Stupid,what is making you so happy this morning?

Son: Father,your brother who is living in
Lagos has just given birth to a bouncing baby boy.

Father: Idiot! How can a man give

Son:So a man cannot give birth and you
gave me a male goat and expect it to
give birth.The Father fainted.