Aso rock clinic, zahra’s outburst and the reality.

The failings of the Muhammadu Buhari Presidency has reached a level where members of his family have to speak out in a bid to save their face,so as not to partake in any blame game that might arise in the nearest future.

Zahra Buhari,the most vocal and cosmopolitan of the president’s children took to her Snapchat page on Friday, September 29, 2017,to spill the beans on the rot in Aso Rock clinic which the state house Permanent secretary Jalal Arabi once termed “a centre of excellence while defending his 2016 budget at the National Assembly”.

Firing salvo through her Snapchat handle @mrs_zmbi,she called out the permanent secretary of the state house saying “More than N3 billion budgeted for the State House clinic and workers there don’t have the equipment to work with? Where is the money going to? Medication only stocked once since the beginning of the year? Why? State House Permanent Secretary please answer.And this is the worst part of her outburst “Why isn’t there simple Paracetamol,gloves,syringes..Why do patients/staff have to buy what they need in the state house clinic?”

These outburst by Zahra,should not be seen as a vituperation of an attention seeker.Rather,its the outburst of an individual not comfortable with the siddon lookstatus quo.However,what Zahra may not know is that the Aso Villa Clinic is a true replica of the country’s healthcare system under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari.

At a time Nigerians view their leaders as irresponsible and non-concerned with their plight,it has shown to us that the rot in UCH,ABUTH,LUTH among other health institutions in the country has extended to the Aso Villa Clinic.

The Aso Villa Clinic was established to cater for the medical needs of the president,the vice president,their families and presidential aides.But the sad part is that basic medical consumables are not available to treat anyone in that hospital.

At a time the federal government is accusing the labour unions in the health sector of sabotage due to their recent successive strikes,the alarm raised by Zahra has shown to us that the real saboteur of our health sector is nobody other than the federal government of Nigeria.