Bloody cult war looming in Anambra state courtesy Tony Nwoye

Information reaching our office at Aroma, Awka  in Anambra State confirmed that the APC flag bearer in the November 18th governorship election is about to set the State on the warpath with cultists loyal to him.Ahead of the November 18th Anambra State Governorship election, The National Association for Youth Empowerment (NAYE) has unearthed the wicked plans of Tony Nwoye to turn Anambra into a theater of war thereby turning the State upside down security wise with cultists.

We hereby caution citizens of the state to be extra vigilant as we have a Criminal in Tony Nwoye who want to 'rule' Anambra State by all means.The group in a statement signed by its secretary,Mazi Jona Ezenwankwo warned that the superlative security achieved in the state will be lost if care is not taken because Tony Nwoye has recruited cultists and ex convicts to commence robbery activities in the State.We reliably gathered that Tony Nwoye has unleashed Criminals into all the nooks and crannies of Anambra State in his usual manner so as to rubbish the efforts of the Governor on security.He has mobilised criminal elements,equip them with weapons and have paid them handsomely to commence systematic robbery operations in Anambra State.Their targets as we gathered are banks,eateries and other soft targets in the State.This is a clarion call by the National Leaders of National Association for Youth Empowerment on the Security agencies in Anambra State to be extra vigilant.

The statement reads,“Owing to the intervention of God in the person of Chief Willie Obiano,Anambra State has been enjoying peace that seems to surpass all understanding.Kidnapping,armed robbery and other vices have vanished from Anambra State as the Governor has taken all necessary steps to ensure that the people of Anambra can go about their daily business in the day and sleep comfortably at night.“It is on this issue of security that we as a people cannot go back to Egypyt as represented in the personality of a most deviant son of the state in the person of Hon.Tony Nwoye who has declared war on all citizens of the most peaceful State in Nigeria - Anambra.

“This one time self acclaimed NANS factional president intends to become a governor of a state that he burned down every of it's properties in 2004.This is unacceptable to Ndi Anambra who suffered so much in the dark days of when he was the State Chairman of Peoples Democratic Party PDP in 2004. Because of Tony Nwoye,Anambra lost everything in 2003/2004. Nwoye is a cultist and that was why he was rusticated from University of Nigeria Nsukka in 1998.He later returned to Anambra where he engaged in thuggery, Kidnapping, killings and maiming of his victim’s which include the late Barrister Barnabas Igwe and his pregnant wife whom Tony Nwoye gruesomely murdered with his gangs.As chairman of PDP in Anambra State in2004, he did worse using cultists to harass opponents. How can Nwoye who did everything to make sure that Anambra State is crippled economically want to govern same State?

Nwoye as a well known capon in the Black Axe fraternity is the sponsor of many cult activities in Anambra State.In 2014 during the National Assembly election,a cult war he masterminded between the Black Axe Fraternity and Vikings claimed 20 young men in the State. Our organisation is emphatic that Anambra State cannot prosper and attain to it's full potentials with a blood spilling fellow like Nwoye as a leader.We do not want the state to turn into another another cultist unending war.We do not need a Cultist as a Governor.

Has anyone tried to find out the reasons why former President Goodluck Jonathan and many other leaders in Nigeria are against Tony Nwoye when he won the PDP governorship ticket in 2013? They all refused to endorse his candidacy then because Jonathan was highly worried with the security report on Nwoye that he Supported Willie Obiano even when he was in the opposition.

Obiano has done well in Anambra State, he needs the support of all Anambrarians for him to continue with his good work. Anambrarians cannot vote for a Security threat like Tony Nwoye who will ruin the security we have enjoyed in the last four years.“Electing Nwoye will be like inviting a venomous snake into our houses. ”Tony Nwoye is a cultis, forget him. He is a common Criminal who delights in wasting blood.

Emeka Oyeagu.
State Chairman NAYE.
Anambra State