Confusion in Anambra state as parents dashed into schools to withdraw their kids from partaking in the "suspicious" immunization by the army as that may be the cause of monkey pox outbreak.

There was pandemonium this morning in most of the schools in the Anambra state capital of Awka as parents and guardians quickly dashed into schools to withdraw their wards from partaking in the "suspicious" immunization of pupils and students being undertaken by the army.

As the report reached out to parents in the city,it was like an agreed decision not to allow such immunization administered on their children as parents rushed to various schools to withdraw their kids.No doubt,the action of the military is suspicious considering that there is already a report among parents in Bayelsa that the outbreak of the Monkeypox was as a result of the immunization carried out by the army in that state.

The question now is why the South and since when did the army personel become health workers?Are you thinking what some persons are thinking?.Delta state government must not allow such immunization in the state.