Making desire opportunity count.

An opportunity in achieving a goal in life is a desire result or possible outcome that a person plans and commits to achieve.Setting your life goals is one of the most life challenging thing one can do like objective or target usually driven by specific financial needs.You can reach any goal you choose and get there quicker and easier when you know what to do at various situations.The ideas you gather from your previous mistakes will help you and countless others to be successful for a very long period of time.I postulate that one good idea can change your life for the better.

You can succeed if you have focus and intelligence.There was a lady who finished from a university and attended the NYSC but stayed at home for five years without job.She made several efforts,attended interviews,lobied people but she was not employed.Eventually an idea came to her.She felt she can make it without being employed.She listened to a professional advice on how to make ice cream and chocolate.She made decision to go into the business of producing ice cream and chocolate.She passed through a short period of initial training on ice cream production from a reputable establishment and after that,she sort for loan from a bank and got a small amount of money which was enough to start from a very low key.She put in every effort and determination into the business.She had her initial problems of marketing the ice cream and chocolate but she persisted and refuse to quit.

She felt that there is no other business in life that would give her satisfaction and pleasure other than ice cream and chocolates. After three years of efforts in her business,the lady made it.She is presently leasing 10.000 every day from the business.The same story goes for another friend who finished his  secondary school education but has no money to study further.After a brief stay at home on completion of his secondary education,he went into apprenticeship training of vulcanising bicycle tyres.From mending bicycle,he rose to vulcanising motorcycle.In a space of 10 years,he was selling tyres of different types.Later he started selling motorcycles and tokubo car.Today he has one of the most popular hotel in town.He is not only a chief but has made several impact to many people within and beyond.Now as we speak,so many people are proud of him in his community.

It is your motivation and interest on a job that counts.Your motivation to do what other people will not like to do will help you to develop enough interest in a job. We should learn to make use of available opportunity.Always know that opportunity once lost cannot be regained.Always watch signs or warning light for opportunities.For example you may come across an advert on a job which you desire most,published on media instead of making use of opportunity to apply or seek for the job.When you relax and forget about looking for a job,someone who may be less qualified than you but who is more serious and dedicated may apply for such job and eventually be employed and feel contended that he has got a job.But you who missed the opportunity will be wallowing in disappointment and regrets and sometimes you blame innocent people for your suffering and failure instead of blaming yourself for the lost opportunities.As time goes on,you are the architect of  your problem in life.

In other words,you are the one to work for your success in life.If you sit down and wait for opportunities to come to you,you will never find it.You have to grab every available opportunity that comes your way instead of idling away and killing time.When you create or knock on the door of opportunities and it will be opened for you.As you develop the ability to see opportunities in various situations,the door of opportunities will began to open and success and fulfilment will be the result.When you are involved in creating or seizing opportunities you began to excel.Believe in yourself and in your potentials for success and you will achieve it.