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My daughter and i are pregnant for the same man.-Woman narrates her story.

Mimi thought she had met the right man when Jimmy came into her life but now that he has gotten her and her daughter pregnant,what should she do? Hear her out.


My name is Mimi,a 38-year-old woman. I am a single mother,not by choice or design but through circumstances beyond my control.

I have two kids out of wedlock and again, it was not by design or something I loved. I gave birth to my first daughter when I was 20.Her father was the son of our traditional ruler and his parents were against us getting married since I was not royalty.

When I was 26,I got pregnant again for a man I was in love with and who had promised to marry me.But the moment he realized I was pregnant,he denied responsibility and abandoned me.

I accepted my fate and decided to live for my children.All my life,I have slaved for them,went out of my way to make sure they do not lack anything and do not miss the love of a father.

I have gone into debts,done some things I would naturally not do just so that my children will get a good life.But just when I thought my pains will be over,my own daughter has truncated all of that.I met Jimmy two years ago.He had just divorced his wife and we started as friends before we decided to give love a chance.

Within a short while,I fell in love with him because Jimmy proved to be the kind of man I ever wanted.I had told him from day one about my kids and when he got to meet them,they just clicked,to my delight.

He started playing the father figure they never had and for that,I was very grateful to him.He would take my son to the stadium every weekend where they played football.In the evenings,he would take all of us out to the movies or eateries where we would have fun like a normal family.My kids too loved him and started calling him dad.His three kids also liked me and came over to my place to spend holidays while my kids also went to his place to spend some time.

Though we had not discussed marriage, we both knew we were very comfortable with each other.In fact,my son had been telling us to get married and live together and whenever he brought that up,Jimmy would tell him he was working on it.It was in the midst of this seeming happiness that I found out that I was pregnant. When I told Jimmy,he did not seem very happy though he said he was.I called my children together and told them they would soon have a sibling and my son, especially,was delighted with the news.

But a month later,my world was shattered when I discovered that my daughter was also pregnant.I noticed that she was becoming pale,lazy,always sick in the morning and throwing up when she thought I was not looking.

I asked her when she saw her period last and she said it was two months earlier.In my panic,I took her to the hospital where tests confirmed she was two months pregnant.I almost fainted when I got the shocking news.

I asked her who got her pregnant and she told me it was my own Jimmy, a man she called daddy. She said he forced himself on her when she went to spend the last holidays with him.

I was mad and drove to his house to confront him and he confessed that he was drunk the night he ra*ped my daughter and said he had been carrying the guilt since then.He begged that I should forgive him and keep it a secret and that he would take her to his doctor for an abortion but I will be damned if I will allow him to get an abortion for my daughter.

I am in a very serious dilemma now. Should I allow the abortion and keep my pregnancy or even get an abortion myself as well? As for Jimmy and I,it is all over as I cannot live with the fact that he got me and my daughter pregnant at the same time.

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